The demand for pest control services has been increasing rapidly during the recent years due to public health hazards and disturbance caused by pests such as mice, cockroaches and mosquitoes. In regards to public health issues, pest control plays an important role. The pest control industry needs to establish service guidelines to enhance the professionalism of the industry. To meet the needs of the market, the Hong Kong Pest Management Association obtained support from the Trade and Industry Department’s “SME Development Fund”, have appointed the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency as an implementation agent to carry out “Upgrading the pest control services of Hong Kong pest control SMEs” project. The main objective of the project is to provide professional competence to industry practitioners and pest control SMEs (“the organization”) to strengthen market competitiveness in providing pest control services to the market.

The guidebook formulated by analyzing the good practices, safety procedures and competence of pesticide operators of the organization and the pest control services in the advanced areas. A stakeholder group consists of industry representatives and relevant government departments have been formed to provide opinions to the guidebook. The organization can make reference to the guidebook and formulate their management and operational requirement, thus to improve their performance and enhance their professionalism.

Environmental awareness, environmental responsibility and toxic pesticides awareness have been a major driver for change in business environment today in regards to pest control. The organization can enhance the pest control services by strengthening corporate management, consolidating their operational ways of work and adopting Integrated Pest Management “IPM” to reduce or minimize risks to humans and the environment.

The second chapter of this guidebook provides information on IPM, including workflows and applications across different industries. In the third and fourth chapters, it introduced the relevant requirements at the corporate level and the operational level as well as reference templates provided to optimize the organizations for pest control services to achieve the ultimate goal of improving the competitiveness of pest control companies.